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Your name
(Fist name/Last name)
  What you did
(ex : write letters)
Your age
(ex : 18)
  Number of employees
(ex : 30)
Main subject you study at school
(ex : electronics)
  Number of employees working in the offices
Name of your High School
(ex : Le Chatelier)
  Number of employees working outside
School location
  Time you arrived at work in the morning
(ex: 7:30 a.m.)
Training period first day
  Time you left in the afternoon
(ex : 5 p.m.)
Name of the company   Who you liked best
(ex :my tutor, Mrs. Smith)
Company location
  What you liked best
(ex : the good atmosphere)
The company main activity
(ex : selling food)
  Who you would like to thank
(ex : Mr. Alix)
How long you stayed
(ex : 1 month)
  How you found the job
( ex : very interesting)