Préparation à l'oral d'anglais 2

Your work experience

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
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   bus      concerned      confidence      equipment      experience      felt      from      gained      home      job      located      nice      not      people      placement      shop      uniform      was      work      worked      working      would   

The work placement :
I did my experience as a trainee in a called The Body Shop.
My work placement was in Marseilles. It was very far my . So, I got there on foot or by .

The personnel :
There were 11 employed there, and I got on the people I worked with. I at ease with them as they were very people.

The working conditions :
As far as my conditions were , I indoors and it was very noisy. Moreover, I had to wear a . I had two breaks a day.

The tasks I did :
I at the check-out.

Benefits :
Thanks to this new I can now use new and deal with people. I , and I like to have a permanent in that .